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Metallers Sangre are back with a music video for “Death March”!


Southern California based Metal Band SANGRE has released the official music video for “Death March”. The video features the band members experiencing different types of stresses from overdue bills, depression. Work related issues, eviction, alcohol abuse and suicidal thoughts. On this release, vocalist Henry Sanchez comments: “Death March, lyrically, touches …

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Tales of The Tomb have today unveiled their new EP!

Tales of The Tomb

Tales of The Tomb have today unveiled their new EP, “Volume Two: Mendacium”. The latter is a collection of narratives surrounding government cover-ups, national lies and the heinous crimes committed amongst the shadows. The album was mixed and mastered by Cryptopsy guitar player and Head Engineer/Owner at The Grid Studios …

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Apotheus will soon release their new album “The Far Star”!


Portuguese melodic metallers Apotheus will release their new album “The Far Star” on October 31st through Black Lion Records. This is the untold story of our ancestry. A painful journey of survival in the majesty of cosmos, but also a delicate introspective about the human nature. When these two worlds …

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Metallers Ov Lustra are soon going to present their first album!

Ov Lustra - Album artwork

Death metallers Ov Lustra are soon going to present their first album, “Tempestas”. The latter will indeed be out on June 7th 2019. The album consists of four new songs as well as orchestral versions and a few reissued tracks. In the meantime, the guys have unveiled their newest single, “Tempestas”. On this new …

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Marianas Rest have unveiled their third single, “Unsinkable”!

Marianas Rest

Finnish melancholic death metal band Marianas Rest has released a third single “Unsinkable”. This song is indeed from their upcoming album “Ruins”, set to be out on April 26th 2019! Vocalist Jaakko Mäntymaa comments the single: “Unsinkable is the easiest and lightest track on the album. The coffin of memories …

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Efreeti reveal their album “Man of Sand” track by track!

Back in March 2019, the Norwegian metallers Efreeti have unveiled their new album, “Man of Sand”. Frontman Kristian WANGBERG is now here to reveal an exclusive track by track! “Man Of Sand”: Our title track. Not because I think its the best song, or summarizes our music. But it underlines …

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Methedras have revealed a new video for “Dead Silence”!


Italian death metal act Methedras has revealed a new video for their single “Dead Silence”. For those who haven’t seen it yet, this new video is available to watch below! About the song the band says: “Dead Silence is the third single from “The Ventriloquist”. And it’s also the song dedicated to …

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Death metallers Gothic reveal their new video for “Catacombs”!


Gothic, the Transylvanian Melodic Death Metal band, has released a new music video, “Catacombs”! The latter was filmed a few weeks ago in Tenerife, Spain. The video aims to be spectacular, with apocalyptic scenery. All filmed in several locations on the island from the Canary Islands archipelago. The song “Catacombs” …

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Godhead Machinery are set to release their second album!

Godhead Machinery

The black, death metallers Godhead Machinery are set to release their second album “Aligned to the Grid”. The latter will indeed be out on April 5th via Inverse Records. On this upcoming release and signing with Inverse Records, the band comments: “We are very proud and excited to finally pronounce …

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