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Introducing the experimental ambient rockers Extent!


Egressing from standard operating music creation procedure comes one-man experimental ambient rock project, Extent. Presenting a three album three film concept entitled “FAR LAND – OF BECOMING – IMMUNE”. The science fiction story based on mother earth selecting “THE CHOSEN” to intake knowledge for the journey to the relocation of …

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Cattle Decapitation unveil details on “Medium Rarities”!

Cattle Decapitation

On November 23rd, Cattle Decapitation will release their new rarities collection, “Medium Rarities”, via Metal Blade Records. This compilation spans the band’s 22-year long career and is a must-have for any Cattle Decapitation fan. Travis Ryan comments: “Medium Rarities is a project we started about 10 years ago, and we’re …

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Jack The Envious to release record “Bleeding Honesty”!

Jack The Envious

Founding members of Jack The Envious, Nir Perlman and Guy “Chuck” Checkarov, met while serving in the Israeli army. They bonded over their love for early 2000’s emo and Linkin Park (because what’s one without the other?). After the release of their debut record “Pull You Down”, the band packed …

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Metallers Kommandant drop their new release “Blood Eel”!


Metallers Kommandant have always been ahead of their peers. Especially when it comes to spawning astounding crafts by delving into the disruptive region of extreme metal. With one mini album, four full lengths and numerous demos and splits, the US legion have become a strong force to be reckoned with …

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Sun Speaker sign with Black Lion Records!

Sun Speaker

Sun speaker have joined forces with Black Lion Records for release of their forthcoming EP. Titled “Tempestas”, the latter will be out worldwide via Black Lion Records in 2019 on CD/digital. On this signing, Black Lion Records comments: “Sun speaker is a band we came across through a mutual friend …

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Forest of Shadows to release long-anticipated new album soon!

Forest of Shadows

Swedish Forest of Shadows return after almost 10 years of silence! “Among the Dormant Watchers” is indeed the long awaited third full-length album from this one-man band from Stockholm, Sweden. The album continues in several new directions, still clinging on to the same dark and melancholic sound that is the …

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Crooked Teeth release “Honey” music video!

Crooked Teeth

Southern California’s Crooked Teeth, have had quite the year thus far, with the signing to independent record label, Rude Records. The band is offering a unique blend of eclectic yet gratifying mixture of pop-punk, emo, and alternative sounds. Crooked Teeth are also exhilarated to release their follow up EP, “Honey”, …

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Death metallers Nothgard release video for “Epitaph”!


Epic melodic death metallers Nothgard from Germany have finished the recordings for their new album “Malady X”. The latter will indeed be out on October 26th via Metal Blade Records. As a preview, the band has unveiled a brand new music video for their single “Epitaph”. A video that you guys can indeed discover below! …

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Leonov to release their album “Wake” in October!


Ever since its formation in 2010, Leonov has found inspiration for its celestial doom in the existential. The darkness and affliction, as well as the curiosity and hope in things beyond our reach and comprehension. “Wake” is an album that contends with life’s great journey in the face of these …

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Pop-Punks Just About Done reveal their EP track by track!

Just About Done

Aussie Pop-Punks Just About Done recently announced their third EP entitled ‘I Am Getting By’. The latter will indeed be self-released on 19th October 2018. ‘I Am Getting By’, is self-described as sounding like Violent Soho if you “throw a female singer on top”. The band is borrowing from early …

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Scarlet Rebels sign with Roar! Rock Of Angels Records!

Scarlet Rebels

Scarlet Rebels have signed a multi album deal with ROAR! ROCK OF ANGELS RECORDS for the release of their yet untitled debut album. The band formed in late 2017, from the remains of classic rock band V0iD, after recruiting enigmatic lead guitarist Chris Jones and Josh Townshend on guitars and …

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Villainous to unveil their self-titled debut EP soon!


Villainous will unleash their engulfing self-titled debut EP on Wednesday 10th October via all platforms. Formed in late 2017, the enterprising quartet soon amassed a strong set. They have just completed work on their self-titled EP, which is set to land this October. The band comment about the release: “The …

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