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Rockers Colonel Sun talk about their upcoming EP!

Colonel Sun

Montreal-based Colonel Sun is a rock n’ roll band, inspired by music that is charged by feel and emotion. The guys will soon release their second EP and Scott (guitar/vocals) took some time to answer a couple of questions for us! Check out what we talked about below 🙂 Hello, …

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Label PCT Musique has released a new split EP!

A poil! - Artwork

PCT Musique have released a new split EP, half French, half English. The album is featuring A Poil! a French band drawing its inspiration from the Old School French punk rock scene. And another band from Canada named Bel Ann-Ana, who’s offering a mixture of melodic punk rock and ska punk. …

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Wild Cat Strike are pleased to announce a brand new EP!

Wild Cat Strike

Brighton four-piece Wild Cat Strike are pleased to announce a brand new EP titled “The Blood Orange Sessions”. The latter will indeed be out on August 23rd via Small Pond Recordings! To celebrate the announcement, the band are streaming a sombre, stripped back version of lead single “Satellite Towns” in …

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The Big Jazz Duo unveil their EP, “Scion”!

The Big Jazz Duo

Italian death metal act The Big Jazz Duo is back with the first part of concept EP project “Scion”. The second chapter of the concept will be available during the first part of 2020. Talking about the first EP the band says: “Scion – Soothsayer is the first EP part …

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Mouth of Ghosts unveil their self-titled EP!

Mouth of Ghosts - Artwork

Mouth of Ghosts’ self-titled 2019 debut LP reflects a complex musical journey which offers listeners the opportunity to explore a diverse collection of textures and tones within a single cohesive experience. Where the inaugural EP “When The Sun Sets” exhibits heavy influence of trip-hop/alternative blended acts such as Portishead, Mouth …

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Sophist plan on releasing their debut EP soon!


Black Grind duo Sophist plans on releasing their debut EP “Betrothal To The Stone: Conception of Mephisto” on August 16th! “The EP is comprised of frantic beats and buzzsaw riffs. The songs are structured atypically, tons of blast beats and tremolo picking. High-pitched and low pitched vocals with many layers. …

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