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Red Eleven have released a second single “Starry Eyes”!

Red Eleven

Finnish heavy alternative rockers Red Eleven have released a second single “Starry Eyes” from their upcoming fourth album. The music video of the single was directed by Finnish movie director Jesse Haaja. On this song, guitarist and composer Teemu Liekkala comments: “Starry Eyes presents a softer but also gloomier side …

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Marianas Rest have unveiled their third single, “Unsinkable”!

Marianas Rest

Finnish melancholic death metal band Marianas Rest has released a third single “Unsinkable”. This song is indeed from their upcoming album “Ruins”, set to be out on April 26th 2019! Vocalist Jaakko Mäntymaa comments the single: “Unsinkable is the easiest and lightest track on the album. The coffin of memories …

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Hootenanny Freaks have released their first album, “Freakshow”!

Hootenanny Freaks

After 2 EPs and 25th anniversary single, “Full Steam Ahead” Hootenanny Freaks have released their first album, “Freakshow”. The album is mainly a selection of material made by the new line-up and singer during 2016-2018. Songs like, “Breakaway” and “Two Down” have been prepared for many years. But there are …

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Progeny of Sun present their single “Futile Conversion”!

Progeny of Sun

Progeny of Sun is a Finnish melodic death metal from Seinäjoki, Helsinki. The band has two permanent members Jaakko Hautamäki (instruments / mixing) and Niko Aromaa (vocals). The band has recently released a first single “Futile Conversion” from their upcoming self-titled EP. The latter will be out on March 22nd …

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2 Wolves to release their 4th studio album, “…Our Fault”!

2 Wolves

2 Wolves will release their 4th studio album “…Our Fault” on April 12th 2019 via Inverse Records. This gothic metal band is hailing from South Karelia, Finland. Since their formation in 2010, the band has released three studio albums. With elements from melodic death metal and doom metal, and inspiration …

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Lucidity’s second single, “Scotoma”, is now out!


Lucidity’s second single, “Scotoma”, continues the dive into the similar dark waters than the first single of the upcoming album. Strong atmospheric melancholy gets support from arrangements that is not that familiar in Lucidity’s creations before. This gives a glimpse of the album’s diversity. Guitarist and vocalist Martti Pohjosaho comments …

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