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Punk rockers Custody drop self-titled album!


Guess what? Finland melodic punk rockers Custody are indeed back with their self-titled album. You can indeed stream this new release below! Track Listing: Bail Me Out Written in Your Name These Times Empty Chair Disguise of A Fool Colder What Are We Waiting For? Define the Way I Feel …

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Alternative quartet Skein releases ‘Cartographer’ single!


Finnish darkened alternative metal quartet Skein releases a new song ‘Cartographer‘ with a music video! Recorded with producer Tuomas Kokko (Swallow the Sun, Ghost Brigade, Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus), the song is a standalone, independent release. “We wanted to put some new stuff out there after last year’s DEADWEIGHT. And before we start …

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Nicumo release new “Witch Hunt” single

Last year Nicumo released their successful second album “Storms Arise” and now they have published a new single with a breath-taking music video “Witch Hunt”! The band will celebrate their 10th anniversary next year, and the celebration begins today!   “WITCH HUNT” OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO SINGLE “Witch Hunt” Is a …

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Blood Region release new single “Waters of Tohtaa”

Finnish metal band Blood Region releases a new single “Waters of Tohtaa” and announces their new singer. “WATERS OF TOHTAA” OFFICAL VIDEO “We wanted to make a long, epic, atmospheric composition, without forgetting a heavier approach. One could maybe find some influences from Finnish bands Sentenced & Swallow The Sun. …

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Atlas release their first single “Birthright”

Finnish northcore band Atlas released their first single “Birthright” with their updated line-up! “Birthright” – debuting the new vocalist/bassist Leevi Luoto (One Morning Left) is the first song with a brand new sound and line-up – Patrick Nuorteva stays on vocals, Tuomas Kurikka and Aleksi Viinikka on guitars and Aku Karjalainen on drums. …

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Dead End Finland releases new music video for “Lifelong Tragedy”

Dead End Finland released the first single called “Lifelong Tragedy”, from their forthcoming fourth album, that will be released on 2019 via Inverse Records. “LIFELONG TRAGEDY” OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO Directed & Produced by Janne Pappila & Dead End Finland Cinematographed by Janne Pappila Edited by Janne Pappila Drone videos by …

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Dyecrest releases a second single from their upcoming album

Dyecrest releases a second single from their upcoming album featuring Björn Strid from Soilwork.Their new album “Are You Not Entertained?” will be out on May 25th, 2018, via Inverse Records. “Are You Not Entertained?” was produced by Jussi Jauhiainen, recorded by Teemu Velin, mixed by Miitri Aaltonen and mastered by …

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Hiidenhauta release a music video from their upcoming album 1695!

Finnish melodic black metal band Hiidenhauta released a music video “Nälkäkevät”  from their upcoming second album “1695”. The album’s theme revolves around the Great Famine of 1695-1697, a great calamity which beset the Finnish area at the time. During the period, approximately every third citizen of Finland (then under the Swedish …

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Auri release trailer for their debut self-titled album

New band Auri reveal the trailer for their debut self-titled album. Auri begun its life with three people, united through their shared need to hear a kind of a music which can’t be described by words alone. A magical kind of sound to be heard whilst falling down Alice’s rabbit …

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Verikalpa release their debut album “Taistelutahto”

Finnish troll/folk metal band Verikalpa released their anticipated debut album “Taistelutahto” today via Inverse Records. Verikalpa is a Troll/Beer-metal band from the Northern city of Oulu in Finland. They combine groovy riffs and rhythms with twisted folk melodies with a very Finnish touch. The lyrics are in Finnish and more specifically in the accent …

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