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Video interview with Ensiferum at Hellfest 2018

Ensiferum at Hellfest 2018

When I got the opportunity to make an interview with Ensiferum, I didn’t know what to think. I wasn’t familiar with the band and when I’ve been told their music was a kind of “pagan folk metal”, I thought I would have to deal with sinister vikings in leather briefs …

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Finnish modern metallers Event Relentless release new EP!

Event Relentless

Finnish modern metallers Event Relentless have released a new EP and music video. Their self-titled EP, “Event Relentless”, is indeed their third release. The band has been active touring around Europe. They are heading to Baltic tour on September and next tour at Balkan countries takes place at spring 2019. …

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Omnium Gatherum – new album ‘The Burning Cold’ details

Omnium Gatherum have finished recording their new album ‘The Burning Cold’, which will see a worldwide release on August 31st via Century Media Records! The album have been produced & recorded by Teemu Aalto and mixed & mastered by Dan Swanö. ABOUT ‘THE BURNING COLD’ ALBUM Main songwriter and guitarist …

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Rockers Wheel drop their new EP “The Divide”!


Wheel are based in Helsinki, Finland and have been working together since 2015. The band is known for their meticulous attention to detail. A fondness for unusual meters and poly-rhythms and their explosive live shows. You guys can now stream the band’s recently released EP, “The Divide”, out since June …

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Foredoomed released a music video from ‘Ordeal’ album

Foredoomed released a new music video for track “Dualism” taken from their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Ordeal’.  The music video was shot in 2017 with the help of Joensuu Rock Academy. “DUALISM” OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO The band comments: “The difficulty of life choices is symbolized in the dreamy atmosphere of …

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Metallish fusion rock band Fog Light to release second album!

Fog Light

Fog Light is an instrumental trio from Finland. The band draws influences from the surrounding world and strives to experiment without any musical boundaries. The band is about to release their second album “2nd Impression” on June 15th 2018 via Inverse Records. As a preview, you can now watch the …

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Dyecrest released a new single “Fading/Reaching”

Dyecrest released a new single “Fading/Reaching”. Melodic metal masters release their third full-length album next week. Founded 1993 in Finnish city of Mikkeli, Dyecrest has today released it’s third single from their upcoming full-length album “Are You Not Entertained?”. On 2003 Dyecrest reached the 2nd position on “Young Metal Gods” …

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VERIKALPA released new music video “Viinapiru”!

Finnish folk metal band Verikalpa released a new music video “Viinapiru”  from their critically acclaimed debut album “Taistelutahto” (release on 16th February, 2018, via Inverse Records). “VIINAPIRU” OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO Video by Jani Kakko  ABOUT “VIINAPIRU” Band comments: “HEAR YE HEAR YE! Now you officially have the permission to dig …

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Finnish metallers Joys Of Wasteland unveil new single!

Joys Of Wasteland

Finnish metallers Joys Of Wasteland are back with a new two-track single “Grab by the Neck”. You guys can indeed now listen to this new single below! “We chose these two songs to represent the diverse of our music. The other one is all about melodic death metal and the …

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