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Rockers Unseen Medicine mark their return with “Wendy”

Unseen Medicine is a 4-piece garage band from Paris. It consists of Nicolas Chicot (drums), Ivan Peev (bass), Leo Chicurel (guitar) and Théo Chiron (guitar/vocals). After a first EP unveiled in June 2022, the band marks its return with “Wendy”, a noisier, more brutal EP, but above all with a …

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Garage punks Van Dammes are back with their fifth EP!

Van Dammes - EP Artwork

Van Dammes, the Finnish garage punk quartet from Helsinki, is back with a fifth EP, “Finally There”. The record is a tribute to the Finland national football team which will finally play in their first ever major championship as they attend the EURO2020 in June. The record is released by …

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The Medicine Dolls reveal “Danger! Danger! Disco!”

South African post-punk/garage rock cult The Medicine Dolls are revealing their video for new single, “Danger! Danger! Disco!”. This song is from the bands’ highly anticipated debut full length album Filth And Wisdom, out on October 2nd. “Danger! Danger! Disco! is a love letter to the beautiful, destructive and emotionally …

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The Electric Mess shares a new single “City Sun”!

The Electric Mess

Garage-punk band The Electric Mess shares a new single “City Sun”! Self-described as a dystopian proto-punk ripper, its timing is darkly appropriate, although unintended, with NYC, and the world, coming to a grinding halt over the COVID-19 virus. “City Sun is a dystopian tune I wrote about a year ago,” …

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Garage punks Van Dammes release the “Risky Business” EP!

Van Dammes

Van Dammes are a Finnish four-piece garage punk band from Helsinki, originally formed in Brussels in 2013. “Risky Business”, their fourth EP, was released on January 11th 2019. This will be a sequel to their first three EP recordings. “The VD EP” (2014), “Better Than Sex” (2015) and “Vild Days” …

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Candy Ambulance reveal video for song “Spray”!

Candy Ambulance

Grunge-punk trio Candy Ambulance dropped an intense music video for their song “Spray”. The band brings their raw, energetic, and hook-ladden track to life, with a equally wild and unabashed visual cut. Fast-paced and delightfully quirky, “Spray” explores the fixation of mania and anxiety, in a frenzied and wild ride. …

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PRETTY PISTOL release new video for “Hurricane”!

Pretty Pistol

No-nonsense garage punks PRETTY PISTOL have released their new video for “Hurricane”. This song is indeed from their latest EP “Welcome To The Dead Club”. An EP available since April 13th 2018 via SaySomething Records! Speaking of the video, the band comments: “Hurricane is about channelling your inner dark side and embracing it. It’s about …

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UK garage punks Nosebleed stream new album!


UK garage punks Nosebleed are currently streaming their new album! Titled “Sratching Circles on the Dancefloor”, the latter is indeed now available via TNS Records. This album follows up their previous release of “Something In My Head”, back in 2016. Stream now “Sratching Circles on the Dancefloor” below! Scratching Circles On …

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Miesha & The Spanks unveil single “Lost Boy”!

Miesha and The Spanks

Miesha & The Spanks are indeed purveyors of the most rough ‘n tumble, energy driven garage-rock possible. Sassy vocals, dirty riffs, pounding drums- this two piece is overpowering and infectious. Charming hearts and kicking ass four years and counting. The band has recently unveiled single “Lost Boy”, from the band’s upcoming …

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