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Post-hardcore act Vagrants share “Separation”!


Post-hardcore act Vagrants share “Separation”. Additionally, the band has also announced their debut EP, “Separation”. The latter will indeed be out on April 26th via Rude Records & Equal Vision Records. “Separation is a very personal track for me,” shares guitarist Jose DelRio. “Our previous vocalist was arrested right before …

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As Cities Burn announce their first album in 10 years!

As Cities Burn

Louisiana post-hardcore outfit, As Cities Burn, embark on a new chapter in their creative journey with the announcement of their first album in ten years. “Scream Through The Walls” marks the first album featuring the Bonnette brothers collaborating since the band’s seminal 2005 debut. “Scream Through The Walls” will be …

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Feverwar are back with their new single, “Detox”!


Ohio-based rock outfit, Feverwar, are back with a new single “Detox”. The latter features Zach Hatfield from Left Behind, off the band’s forthcoming EP, “Piss Poor”. When discussing the single, vocalist Nicholous Thomas stated: “Detox is the final song of the record & lyrically sums up the recent reflection of …

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Limbs have released a hard-hitting new single, “Abandoned”!


Post-hardcore quintet LIMBS have released a hard-hitting new single, “Abandoned”. Additionally, the band has announced that longtime friend Austin McAuley will be stepping into the role of lead vocalist. McAuley debuted with LIMBS at the end of 2018 while on tour with Currents, giving fans a taste of his energy and passion before bringing …

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