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Hautajaisyö handles real life horrors with their new video!

Hautajaisyö‘s (Funeral Night) new music video continues band’s dark way of adressing real life horrors. Older videos has been handling about euthanasia and familicide. The new video is about alcoholism and domestic violence, that is a sad reality for many. It’s a story about a “good family” that has a …

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Metallers Hautajaisyö release a new 3-track single!

Hautajaisyö (Funeral Night) released their second album “Matkalla Kohti Hautaa” (Journey To The Grave) in february 2018. The band is now back with a new single called “Sinä Olet Helvetti” (You Are The Hell). Single has two new songs and is a “sequel” to the second album. Song themes are …

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Hautajaisyö released new album “Matkalla Kohti Hautaa”

The second album ‘Matkalla Kohti Hautaa’ by Finnish band Hautajaisyö have been release the February 2d, via Inverse Records. The Finnish messenger of melancholy and death Hautajaisyö (Funeral Night) was formed in 2014. They play melodic death metal and melancholy thrash metal. Their music is full of great riffs, heavy drumming and …

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