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Video interview with Ensiferum at Hellfest 2018

Ensiferum at Hellfest 2018

When I got the opportunity to make an interview with Ensiferum, I didn’t know what to think. I wasn’t familiar with the band and when I’ve been told their music was a kind of “pagan folk metal”, I thought I would have to deal with sinister vikings in leather briefs …

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Dead End Finland releases new music video for “Lifelong Tragedy”

Dead End Finland released the first single called “Lifelong Tragedy”, from their forthcoming fourth album, that will be released on 2019 via Inverse Records. “LIFELONG TRAGEDY” OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO Directed & Produced by Janne Pappila & Dead End Finland Cinematographed by Janne Pappila Edited by Janne Pappila Drone videos by …

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Dark Archive release new EP “Cultivate Our Blood in Aeon”

Finnish black metal band Dark Archive released a new EP “Cultivate Our Blood in Aeon” on January 31st 2018 via Inverse Records. Dark Archive was formed in summer 2016 by Joakim “Lord Mordor” Lindholm (composing, recording, intstruments) and Niko “Perdition” Aromaa (vocals, lyrics). Members had a vision to form a …

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Death/thrash band Khiral releases single “Stain”

Kyral, Stain

Finnish death/thrash metallers Khiral have released a new single named “Stain” from their upcoming 2018 album, “Chained“. The base recipe of Khiral was already written in 2008, but this stew required some years of slow cooking and a few lineup changes until 2016, when Khiral released their first singles “Orphanage” …

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