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Vega – “Let’s Have Fun Tonight” Official Lyric Video

United kingdom rock band, Vega, release a new lyric video for “Let’s Have Fun Tonight”from their fivest album ‘Only Human’ released on may, 2018, via Frontiers Music SRL. When is an AOR band not an AOR band? The answer is when it’s rising melodic rock hopefuls, Vega. The various members …

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Introducing the Italian rockers Laederbraun!


I’m happy to introduce you today to the Italian rockers Laederbraun. Learn more about the band and their latest release below! Hello Laederbraun, thanks for taking time to answer a few questions for Distrolution. Could you please tell us who’s in your band and about how your band first formed? Laederbraun …

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Alternative rockers MANTRAM unveil “All The Time” video!


Italian alernative rockers MANTRAM are back with a new music video for “All The Time”. The track is indeed from their second album “The Blue Vault”. Riccardo Pits also directed the music video! MANTRAM comments on the new video: “It’s a journey that follows the progress of a love story that has come …

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VERATRUM – New lyric video for “La Stella Imperitura.”

Prophetic Black Metallers Veratrum unleash an official lyric video for the song “La Stella Imperitura”, from their new EP ‘Visioni’. Their epic black metal sound was born to celebrate the dark wisdom and the occult knowledge of the ancient ones, almost lost and forgotten nowadays. Veratrum merge the power of …

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PROFEZIA unveiled details for new album ‘Dodekaprofeton’

Profezia unveiled details for their new album ‘Dodekaprofeton’. The band is an impeccable line-up of Black Metal Masters, such as founding member Kvasir (Abhor, Mourning Mist), Saevum (Abhor), and Marco (Opera Ix, The True Endless, Skoll, Darkness). ‘Dodekaprofeton’ also features session contributions by members of  Angantyr, Woofs of Infinity, Mortuary …

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Italians Me VS I unveil “Empty” music video!


Italians Me VS I are coming to invade your brain: Hardcore, Stoner, Weird Riff. A powerful trio from Padua (Italy), the band is one of the most interesting bands of the genre in Italy. The band has recently dropped a debut EP titled “Never Drunk Enough”, on 6th April 2018. But that’s not it! The band …

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JESTER BEAST: “Poetical Freakscream” Resurfaces.

“Poetical Freakscream”, one of the most overlooked Italian thrash gems of all time is finally coming back to light in a completely refreshed edition, mastered from a recently found tape with an early stage (unreleased) mix of the album powered by an extra guitar track recorded back then by the …

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Dead Like Juliet unveil debut album “Stranger Shores”!

Dead Like Juliet

Italians upcoming act DEAD LIKE JULIET have released their first album “Stranger Shores”. The latter is indeed available since the 7th of April on all digital platforms and also physically on Bandcamp. “Stranger Shores”a complete DIY release and indeed contains 10 songs. The first 2 singles “Those Rivers” and “Unwated” were …

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