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Sleepwraith will soon release their debut album!

The intrepid duo of Edmonton’s Sleepwraith are releasing their debut album “Day Terrors” on January 17th 2020. This is the first album from Sleepwarith in what is expected to be a series of releases under the name. The songs and overall flow of the album feel like a journey that …

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Diamonds On Neptune release their new single ‘Catawampus’!

Diamonds On Neptune

Diamonds On Neptune release their new single ‘Catawampus’. The guys are indeed proud to present their blend of hardcore, pop-punk, heavy metal, and metalcore. With a huge range of musical influences, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly where they stand, but fans of A Day to Remember and Avenged Sevenfold are …

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October Ends are back with their new single, “Lost”!

October Ends

Metal quintet October Ends further certifies its already impressively vigorous positive career gradation with their new single – “Lost”. In general, this single hits harder, moves faster. It evokes a sense of immediacy and urgency that only a few other formations can accomplish today. It also sets the tone and …

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Rämlord have released a new single “Love of the Damned”!


Helsinki based heavy metal band Rämlord has released a new single “Love of the Damned”. This is their first release since 2016 released mini-LP “We Are the Night” and 7″ single “Matuska”. And it’s also a piece from the upcoming album to be released in spring 2020. With eight tracks …

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Lone Survivors talk about their single, “Lost in my Mind”!

Lone Survivors

For those who didn’t know them, Lone Survivors is a French progressive metalcore band, featuring the vocalist of Uneven Structure. Lone Survivors is above all the human adventure of 5 musicians whose nothing foreshadowed the meet. They deliver us without complex on this first « concept album ». A work …

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