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Sailing Before The Wind are back with their new single!

Sailing Before The Wind

Sailing Before The Wind is a Japanese metalcore band formed in Tokyo in 2011, operating as a fully independent with no label and no management. The guys are back with a new single, “Cross the Ocean (Rerecorded)”, out since March 26th! This single is a re-recording of one of band’s …

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Octopus Montage are back with another notable single!

Octopus Montage

Dynamic pop-punk/metalcore quartet Octopus Montage are back with another notable single, the seething “Don’t Run Your Mouth”. Providing further details about the meaning behind the single, Octopus Montage collectively adds. “Lyrically, the track is a middle finger to all the people that are solely self-centered. We all have times when …

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Paradise Plaza drop their debut single, “Hopeless”

Paradise Plaza

“Hopeless”, Paradise Plaza debut single, is available on YouTube and all streaming platforms since March 15th, 2021. This is the first in the series song the project will release. Lyrically, the new track details an attempted break-out of an internal cage. Progressive in spirit, Hopeless features a section of song …

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Polish band Disout unveils his debut record!


Disout is a brand new Polish band, creating an original mix of rock and metal sounds. The guys have dropped, beginning of February, their debut album, titled ‘MIEN’. This record is about human relationships and many different aspects of humanity. A lot of emotions that the band put into creating …

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Galleons are releasing an official guitar playthrough!


Galleons are releasing an official guitar playthrough for their single “Hate The Player, Not The Game” by their guitarist Max Shepelev. “Hate The Player, Not The Game” was made available worldwide last November 2020, via Famined Records. Galleons are a progressive post-hardcore and mathcore band from Australia and Russia. The …

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Erra reveal new single and video “Divisionary”


Determination and steadfast dedication have defined ERRA’s path, forging a unique connection with an ever-growing audience, without the advantages of traditional recognition. The highly anticipated album sees its release on March 19th via UNFD, their first for the label – pre-order and save here. They’re now revealing new single and …

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Far’N’Hate reveal their music video for “Prison Of Self”


Far’N’Hate explodes with a powerful and enthralling video for the formation’s brand new single, “Prison Of Self”! Detailing the significance of its latest work, Far’N’Hate adds. “As an artist, the creative process and the raw, unfiltered expression of what resonates inside of you, can become a two-edged sword. Realizing you’re …

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Recall the Remains drop their video for “Darker Path”

Recall the Remains

Metalcore band Recall the Remains is back with their blistering new single and video, “Darker Path”. The latter is available to listen / watch below for those who might have missed the news. Formed in the West Midlands in 2017, the band blends key elements of deathcore and metalcore to …

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Horcrux are back with a new single, titled “Heavy Hearted”


Metallers Horcrux are back with a new single, titled “Heavy Hearted”. The latter is available to stream below for those who might have missed the news! Talking about the essence of “Heavy Hearted”, Michael Labelle (vocalist) further clarifies. “This track is about taking chances, leaving everything behind to start over …

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