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Avandra talk about recently released album, Skylighting

Avandra - Artwork

Puerto Rican prog-metal band Avandra has recently dropped a new album, “Skylighting“, via Layered Reality Productions. The guys answered a couple of questions linked to this release for Distrolution. Check out the full interview below! Hello Avandra, thanks for your time. Would it be possible to introduce your band to …

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Aural Decay reveal new single, “Facing The Obscure”

Aural Decay

Formed and born out of the recent Covid-19 lockdown, Aural Decay is a brand new and exciting solo endeavour from multi-instrumentalist Daniel Robinson. Daniel Robinson remarks about the new single, “Facing The Obscure”. “The song explores the relationship between our subconscious and conscious mind, and how the two connect. It’s …

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Fortress Under Siege are back with a new single

Fortress Under Siege

Greek metallers Fortress Under Siege are back with a new single and video, “Love Enforcer”. The song is from the band’s upcoming new album “Atlantis”, set to be released on October 9th 2020. “This song came out one morning like running water, all at once. The structure reminded me a …

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Prog metallers Anima Tempo unveil “Deceitful Idols”

Anima Tempo

Anima Tempo hail from Mexico City, blending progressive and death metal with a unique twist. “Deceitful Idols” marks their next step after 2018’s Primal Symmetry and 2016’s Caged In Memories. Continuing to bring an effortless blend of aggression and melody. “The main inspiration behind “Deceitful idols” were world cultures and …

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Runescarred have released the lyric video for “Mammoth”!


Progressive Metal / Heavy Rock Band Runescarred has released the lyric video for “Mammoth”. This song is the second single off of their upcoming LP, “The Distant Infinite”. “Mammoth is a crushing Beast of a song that tears through the walls we as individuals build before ourselves. Where this album, like …

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Surface of the Sun have unveiled a new single, ‘The Silence’!

Surface Of The Sun

Devon Eggers and his solo project Surface of the Sun have unveiled a new single, titled ‘The Silence’. This song is from the upcoming album “Panacea”, which will be released on September 6th 2019. The EP consists of four songs, each providing a unique element and feel to the release. They all have their own character, …

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Villainous have dropped a blistering new video, “Obsolete”!


UK heavyweights Villainous have dropped a blistering new video, “Obsolete”. This song is indeed from the band’s self-titled debut EP, now available from all platforms. The Brit newcomers deliver an engulfing mixture of groove-driven dropped-D riffs with well-crafted and thoughtful hooks and enthrallingly layered vocals lines. The band’s self-titled EP …

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Prog-metallers Avandra drop their lyric video for “Even//You”!


Puerto Rican prog-metal band Avandra has announced the release of new album “Descender”. The latter will indeed be available on April 26th via Blood Music! In the meantime, the guys have also unveiled a lyric video for their song, “Even//You”. About the band: Founded in mid-2011 by Christian Ayala aka Volteau, Avandra …

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Thy Station have released a lyric video for “Burning Soul”!

South American Progressive metallers Thy Station have released a lyric and studio footage video for “Burning Soul”. This song is from their debut album “The Standing Man, 1st chapter”, which was released on March 10th 2019. “The Standing Man. 1st Chapter” is the first THY STATION album, and the first …

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Melbourne’s Future Corpse unveils new album

Future Corpse

Australian prog-metallers Future Corpse‘s new album “Culture Ruins Everything Around Me” is now available! You can expect a solid 45 minutes of eclectic prog metal, which showcases tight musicianship, passionate vocal performances and introspective lyrics; touching on a number of topics that deeply affect our modern human condition. You can …

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