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A catchy debut EP for punk rockers Bayline!


Missed the news? Punk rockers Bayline have revealed their debut EP on September 23rd! The band comments: “The songs range from very personal (Save Me is a song where our vocalist Roelof sings about how he deals with his ADHD triggering anxieties) to a critical view about our society (Marooned …

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Meet the French punk rockers, Midbrook!

Midbrook picture by Francesca Raimondo

I’m back this week with a brand new written interview, introducing you guys this time to the French punk rockers, Midbrook. Learn more about the band’s debut EP, “Right Place, Wrong Time”, as well as their latest release, a live performance of “Between Your Lines”. Picture by Francesca Raimondo Hello …

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Trashed Ambulance are back with “Blip On The Radar”

Trashed Ambulance

Alberta Canada’s Trashed Ambulance are back with a new single, titled “Blip On The Radar”. The song will appear on an upcoming full-length. The band comments: “Blip on the Radar is a look into the mind of someone battling addiction and depression. Going at it alone in an existence supported …

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Pulley are back with their first new album in 6 years!

Pulley - Album Artwork

Punk rockers Pulley are back with their first new album in 6 years, “The Golden Life”. The latter is out everywhere since May 13th! Tracklist: 1. Repeat Offender 2. Lonely 3. Wake Up 4. Two Winds 5. Align The Planets 6. Northbound 7. Sad Song 8. Golden Life 9. Frances …

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Gibberish Set To Release Debut Album “Strangers”


To say that Gibberish is a superband is an understatement – the band members range from Japan to Italy to the USA, and contains members of Lamonta, Thousand Oaks, and Jet Market! Their debut album “Strangers” is due out August 20th via Thousand Island Records. It features guest artists such …

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Trophy Knives are back at it with “Act 1: The Acknowledgement”

Trophy Knives - single Banner

Punk rockers Trophy Knives are back at it with their 11th music video, “Act 1: The Acknowledgement”. It’s actually their first ever animated music video. “Act 1: The Acknowledgement” is also the 3rd single from their upcoming record, “Look the Other Way”. The music video for “The Acknowledgement” was created …

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