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Come at The King reveal their EP, ‘Take To The Streets’

Come at the King

Following a strong 2019, London-based rock and roll three-piece Come at The King are back with their EP, ‘Take To The Streets’. The latter is indeed available on major streaming platforms since November 13th! Come At The King draw their influences from the blues-infused sounds of the early 00’s garage …

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Molassess drop the final song from their upcoming record

Molassess - Artwork

Dutch psychedelic rock ‘n roll formation Molassess are releasing the third and final song from their upcoming record “Through the Hollow”. The band comments: “Our brother left us this diamond in the rough years ago. A riddle that kept resonating and found its way up and into our hearts time …

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Little Triggers are back with a brand new single

Little Triggers

Little Triggers are back with a brand new single, titled Burn. The lyric video is available to watch below for those who might have missed it! This infectious duo hail from Liverpool and pull influence from past masters Hendrix and Plant. As well as drawing from contemporaries such as Homme …

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Molassess are revealing a brand new single!

Molassess - Artwork

Dutch psychedelic rock ‘n roll formation Molassess are revealing the second new song from their upcoming album “Through the Hollow”. On this release, the band comments. “Today we lift the veil some more. This time accompanied by the visual magic of S. De Jager. A glimpse of what is to …

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Molassess reveal their new single “Through the Hollow”


Dutch psychedelic rock’n roll formation Molassess are back with a new single “Through the Hollow”. The song is from the upcoming album “Through the Hollow”, which will be released via Season of Mist on October 16th. The band comments: “This was the first one to erupt out of our sonic …

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Western Addiction reveal their new single, “Lurchers”

Western Addiction

“Lurchers” is the second assault off Frail Bray, Western Addiction‘s upcoming release, set to be out on May 15th. Working for the first time with producer Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Jeff Rosenstock, Gouge Away), Western Addiction tracked Frail Bray live to tape. Another first for them, at the Atomic Garden in …

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The Chainsaw Blues Cowboys announce a new album!

The Chainsaw Blues Cowboys

Founded in 2011, The Chainsaw Blues Cowboys is an atypical duo that celebrates the glory of the blues & rock n’roll. Thanks to their fans’ participation in a crowdfunding campaign on kisskissbankbank that has been an enormous success, a new chapter is written: “The Magnificent Seven”. Dedicated passionately to their …

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Canada’s Colonel Sun release a new single called “Accountability”!

Colonel Sun

Canada’s Colonel Sun release a new single called “Accountability”. The latter is available now via their Montreal-based label Stand Productions (http://standproductions.com). Colonel Sun released an EP in October 2019. However, the band has recently gone through a major lineup change. And founding member Scott Cook (vocals, guitar) is the only …

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Gorilla Riot announce their first full-length album!

Gorilla Riot

UK’s dirty rock n blues mavericks, Gorilla Riot announce that their first full-length album, PEACH, is now available for pre-order at gorillariotband.com The Riot’s frontman, Arjun Bhishma said, “After our last EP many people put us in the ‘Southern Rock’ bracket. With this record we wanted to show that, although …

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