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09 [OH-NINE] have debuted a new single, “Idle Hands”!

09 [OH-NINE]

Portland alternative rock outfit 09 [OH-NINE] have debuted a new single. “Idle Hands” features Fallstar’s Chris Ratzlaff on vocals. With the track marking the 4th single from the collaborative duo of EJ Olsen and Chancelor Reeder. “Idle Hands” is out now on YouTube and Spotify. “09 was created as an …

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Rockers Esprit d’Escalier have unveiled their debut record!

Esprit D'Escalier

Shreddy guitar-work, tight grooves and long progressive tracks are only a few of the things that you will encounter in Esprit d’Escalier‘s debut record. With very diverse soundscapes and influences, among which Prog, Metal and Post might be the most obvious. Esprit d’Escalier delivers a very singular blend of elements …

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Silverstein unveils new record, “A Beautiful Place To Drown”!


This year Silverstein are celebrating their 20th anniversary. The band is celebrating all year long with a packed touring schedule and the release of their ninth studio album, “A Beautiful Place To Drown”, out since March 6th via UNFD. It’s an album that fittingly encapsulates the best of Silverstein while pushing their …

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Rockers Haunting Portraits have unveiled their new EP!

Haunting Portraits

Tampa alternative rockers Haunting Portraits have unveiled their new EP, “That Which Looks Far Away”. With the release of this new EP, Tampa rockers Haunting Portraits delivers a classy and moving collection. Drawing on a mesmerizing parlay of emo, indie and alternative rock influences. With tours across New York, DC …

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Rockers The Crowlers have dropped their album ‘Zigzagging Wolves’!

The Crowlers

The Crowlers, proud representative of the French Alternative Rock scene, have revealed a second album last month. Picture: Credit to the photographer The first song, ‘Old Water’, announces a rich and peculiar sound. Sharpened guitars interweave, followed by electronic and organic sounds. We discover there surrealist lyrics, highlighted by feminine …

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