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Ottawa’s We Were Sharks drop “Lost Touch” record!

We Were Sharks

We Were Sharks is a pop-punk band hailing from Ottawa, Canada. Through a penchant for blending melodic harmony with powerful dissonance, they indeed continue to produce infectious music. Ottawa’s We Were Sharks are now back with their new album “Lost Touch”! “We’re super excited that Lost Touch is finally out!” …

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Ska punks Abraskadabra stream new album “Welcome”


For thos who don’t know them, Abraskadabra is a seven-piece band from Curitiba, Brazil. Their influences are indeed diverse, intercalating mainly melodic hardcore and third wave ska. The ska punks are now streaming their brand new album “Welcome”. The latter is available since the end of February 2018. It was also …

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The Republic of Wolves drop new single “Colored Out”!

The Republic of Wolves

Long Island alternative rockers, The Republic of Wolves, are back with a new single! Named “Colored Out”, this song is indeed from their forthcoming album “Shrine”, due out March 27, 2018. “’Colored Out’ is one of the more upbeat songs on the record. Although it deals with heavy lyrical themes …

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Progressive rockers Poly-Math share ‘Ink of Scholars’


For those who don’t know them, Poly-Math are a Brighton, UK based instrumental Prog-Rock band. The band is happy to reveal their new single, Ink Of Scholars/Blood Of Tigris, ahead of their album release! ‘Ink of Scholars is one of the more time-signature-focused tracks on the record. We wanted to …

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Uk pop-punks Traits stream EP “Illuminate”


Featuring members of Random Hand & The Human Project, Traits is indeed a pop-punk band from the UK. Traits are currently streaming their second EP, “Illuminate”, ahead of the official release date: April 18th! This new record indeed follows the band’s debut EP, “Limits”, available since March 2017. Illuminate by …

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New EP from punk rock / hardcore band, The Ocean Front

The Ocean Front

The second EP from the punk rock, melodic hardcore band, The Ocean Front is now available! The band is hailing from Budapest, Hungary. The Ocean Front just released their second EP “Dead End Kids”, that you can indeed stream below. The band explains: “Originally we were a four-piece with only …

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Rockers The Nectars release second single, ‘I Want It’

The Nectars

The Nectars’ punk inflamed guitars, inventive harmonic motion, trashy beats and raw vocals lay a foundation influenced by EDM, funk and scorching live performance. Their approach harks back to the punk / pop scene New York circa 1975. But it also brings a modernity of sound and approach that only …

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Fast Response stream new single “Man I’m Pissed”!

Fast Response

Should we expect an EP or an album soon? The Croatian punk rockers Fast Response have indeed revealed their single “Man I’m Pissed”. You can now stream this song below! The band’s latest release is indeed from 2015. We’re pretty sure that their fans are really excited to hear Fast …

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