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PCT Musique present their 4th volume split!

PCT Musique

PCT Musique is proud to present the 4th volume of its Canada-Europe split series. It’s indeed featuring Talk Show Host (Canada), Chump (Belgium) and BIAS (France). The split album is available for download as a “name-your-price” on Bandcamp since September 14th. You guys can now discover the full split below. …

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Indie-punks Talk Show Host unveil new video!

Toronto indie-punks Talk Show Host release the first video from their critically acclaimed third EP, “Not Here to Make Friends”. The song’s title, “I Hate Men (I Hate All Men)”, is not meant to be taken sarcastically. The song skewers male entitlement, with verses delivered by an oblivious narrator who …

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Talk Show Host has much to say. Have a seat !

Talk Show Host, by Harley Haskett

Talk Show Host is an indie punk trio from Toronto, Canada, claiming influences from Against Me!, Bob Mould or Weezer. Being together since 2015, they could still be considered as newcomers but with 3 EPs under their belt, no need to say that Talk Show Host is pretty active. We …

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