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Metallers Fearrage release new EP “Songs From The Sorrow”!


Finnish thrash/groove metallers Fearrage have released their new EP “Songs From The Sorrow”. The latter is indeed available since December 28th 2018 via Inverse Records. Vocalist/guitarist Juha Virkamäki comments: “Today is the day! It took a while making this release, so we really look forward to seeing the fans’ feedback from …

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Hellnite are back with single “Phantom Force”!


Thrashers HELLNITE have unleashed their second single “Phantom Force” off their forthcoming debut full length. Titled “Midnight Terrors”, the latter will be available on February 12th, 2019, via Sliptrick Records. The track refers to the term “paralyzed dreams” where a person is awake/asleep and their body is physically paralyzed, but …

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Revolutio – “Vagrant”

Revolutio - Vagrant Front Cover

Revolutio is a post apocalyptic alternative metal band, formed in 2011 and hailing from Bologna, Italy. Back in November 2018, the band released their album “Vagrant” via Inverse Records. Coming from the DIY punk scene, reviewing a metal album is not that easy for me… But guess what? I actually …

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Hellnite will release “Midnight Terrors” in 2019!


Thrashers Hellnite will be unleashing “Midnight Terrors” upon the masses with their debut album. The latter will be out on February 12th, 2019 via Sliptrick Records. The album was written and recorded by Belmar. He’s now joined with a live line up consisting of bassist Konnor Miskiman and drummer Ryan …

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Soulwound release their lyric video for “Damned”!


Finland-based thrashers Soulwound have released a lyric video for the song “Damned”. This song is actually the closing track of their second album “No Peace”. Clear and simplistic in style, the video was produced entirely in-house by the band. Editor and lyricist Janne Huusari comments: “We all hate those oh-so …

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AxMinister (metal) share their video for “Salvation”!


Toronto’s AxMinister‘s new heavy metal pounder “The Crucible of Sin” was unleashed this past May. They’ve also dropped their first music video “Prey” as part their planned 5 episode series. The band returns with their 2nd installment for their track “Salvation”. Drummer Bas Majzoub comments: “Being a second generation filmmaker, …

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Thrash metal quartet Calamity release video “The Truth”!


Puerto Rican thrashers Calamity will release their sophomore album, “Kairos”, in the early 2019. As the first offering of the album, they have released the video of the first single “The Truth”. On this release, the band comments: “The Truth is the best appetizer we can offer before releasing our …

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Aftermath release lyric video for “Smash Reset Control”!


Chicago based progressive thrash metal band Aftermath has released the official lyric video for “Smash Reset Control”. This song is indeed off of their upcoming LP, “There is Something Wrong”. Kyriakos “Charlie” Tsiolis comments: “Smash Reset Control lyrically and musically captures the angst millions feel daily. The system isn’t there …

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All Against drop their EP “Feed The Machine”!

All Against

For those who didn’t know them, All Against is a thrash metal band hailing from Lisbon, Portugal. The band has recently unveiled a new EP, titled “Feed The Machine”. An EP that you guys can indeed stream in full, below! This release is the first professional EP from the band, …

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Thrashers Revolutio reveal their video for “The Oracle”!


Italian post-apocalyptic thrashers Revolutio have released their brand new video for “The Oracle”. The track comes from the band’s upcoming album “Vagrant”, out on November 9th via Inverse Records. Vocalist Maurizio Di Timoteo comments: “We are so excited for the release of this video. We shot it in a truly …

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Sacrosanct (metal) return after a 25-year hiatus!


SACROSANCT is a German-Dutch progressive thrash metal outfit founded by former Pestilence guitarist Randy Meinhard. They guys have recently signed a multi-album deal with ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records. Sacrosanct returns now, after a 25-year hiatus. Kees Harrison (formerly of Dutch prog-metal act Sphere of Souls) recently joined SACROSANCT on …

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