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Metallers Tanagra reveal their new single, “Sydria”!


Tanagra have been refining and crafting the seven multi-layered compositions on their upcoming album “Meridiem” to perfection. The release, due out on April 26th, is power metal packed with depth, emotion, harmony, and complexity. The band is now unveiling to their fans “Sydria”, the second release off the upcoming full-length. …

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Feverwar are back with their new single, “Detox”!


Ohio-based rock outfit, Feverwar, are back with a new single “Detox”. The latter features Zach Hatfield from Left Behind, off the band’s forthcoming EP, “Piss Poor”. When discussing the single, vocalist Nicholous Thomas stated: “Detox is the final song of the record & lyrically sums up the recent reflection of …

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Convey are revealing their new single, titled “Nutrition”!


Alternative post-rockers Convey are revealing their new single, titled “Nutrition”. This is the third single off the band’s debut LP on Revival Recordings! When discussing the ideas behind the track, vocalist Ben Cohen stated: “Nutrition is a song written under pressure and I think it shows in the best way. …

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Machine Man Records announce signing with metallers Infinity!


Machine Man Records is pleased to announce the release of “Set Me Free” from the metallers Infinity. Infinity was founded in October of 2016 by vocalist/rhythm guitarist Ryan Howie and lead guitarist Ricky Sobel. The duo immediately started writing and recording what would become the band’s debut album. Howie and …

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Hellyeah release a brand new song, titled “333”!


Hellyeah have released a brand new song, titled “333”, that you guys can indeed discover below! This new song is featuring the late Vinnie Paul’s final recordings from upcoming album. “Vinnie originally came up with the idea for 333,” said singer Chad Gray. “A lot of people may think Vinnie …

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Mad With Power Fest Announces 2019 Line Up!

Mad With Power Festival

Villains and heroes alike will once again come together on August 10th to enjoy a buffet of power metal, arcade games and other nerdy delights. The third Mad With Power Festival edition will indeed take place in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. This one-day fest boasts seven kickass bands playing a variety …

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