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Endseeker reveal their video for “Escape From New York”


This past April, Endseeker released their new full-length, “Mount Carcass”, via Metal Blade Records! The band has also launched a video for the album track, “Escape From New York” – a cover version of the John Carpenter classic! Endseeker comments: “We have a long tradition of cover songs, but this …

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Entheos signs worldwide deal with Metal Blade Records!


Metal Blade Records is proud to welcome Entheos to its worldwide roster! Navene Koperweis and Chaney Crabb comment. “We are incredibly excited to announce that we have signed with Metal Blade Records. Metal Blade is a pillar in the metal community and consistently releases music from many of the world’s …

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Insanity Alert have dropped a live video!

Insanity Alert

Insanity Alert have dropped a live video for the song “All Mosh / No Brain”. The video was recorded at Hellfest in France, on June 23rd, 2019, where the band performed on the main stage. On this release, the band comments: “We go back to the year 1 BC (Before …

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Galleons are releasing an official guitar playthrough!


Galleons are releasing an official guitar playthrough for their single “Hate The Player, Not The Game” by their guitarist Max Shepelev. “Hate The Player, Not The Game” was made available worldwide last November 2020, via Famined Records. Galleons are a progressive post-hardcore and mathcore band from Australia and Russia. The …

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Gaerea reveal a guitar playthrough for “Conspiranoia”

Gaerea are back with a new guitar playthrough for the track “Conspiranoia”. This song is from the band’s brand new album, “Limbo”. On this new release, the band comments. “We have decided to not only give you our first Guitar Playthrough video from the new Album LIMBO. We are letting …

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Metalcore band Moments reveals “These Walls”


While coronavirus has had the world locked down throughout the year, Moments tell us about “These Walls”. Shot in a Belgian industrial area in the middle of metal containers, the music video perfectly represents what isolation means. Commenting on the lyrics and the theme of the song, the band said. …

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Barishi share their “Entombed in Gold Forever” playthrough


Progressive sludge metal outfit Barishi share their official drum playthrough video for the song “Entombed in Gold Forever”. This song is from the band’s record “Old Smoke”, out since April 24th via Season of Mist. “Old Smoke” Tracklist: 1. The Silent Circle (10:53) 2. Blood Aurora (10:22) 3. The Longhunter …

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Barishi share a drum playthrough video for “The Longhunter”


Progressive sludge metal outfit Barishi have shared an official drum play-through video for the song “The Longhunter”. The latter is from the bands latest album “Old Smoke”. “Old Smoke” Track-list: 1. The Silent Circle (10:53) 2. Blood Aurora (10:22) 3. The Longhunter (06:20) 4. Cursus Ablaze (02:05) 5. Entombed in …

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Gaerea are revealing a live presentation of “To Ain”

Cathartic black metal outfit Gaerea are revealing a very special live presentation of their recent single, “To Ain”. The live version of the track was reorded at the Redbox Studios in Portugal. The song is also from the band’s upcomong album “Limbo”. Gaerea comment on the stream. “This Short Documentary …

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Sundressed announce the “Oh Please” Fan Video Contest


Good news everyone! Arizona’s Sundressed are excited to announce the “Oh Please” Fan Video Contest. The band is inviting fans to submit videos of themselves singing along to the new single. They’ll indeed have a chance to have one bill paid by Sundressed and Rude Records’ newly launched Rude Cares …

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Necronomicon release drum playthrough for “Singularis Dominus”


Death metallers Necronomicon have released a drum playthrough for the song “Singularis Dominus”. The track is taken from the band’s latest record, “UNUS”, which was released in October 2019. Tracklist 1. From Ashes Into Flesh (04:23) 2. Infinitum Continuum (05:27) 3. Paradise Lost (04:55) 4. The Price of a Soul (01:56) …

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