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Two Year Break talk about their single / video “Change My Mind”!

Two Year Break are an exciting new pop-punk/alternative band hailing from London suburbia. They’ve recently released a music video for their single “Change My Mind”. Learn more about it, as well as their upcoming plans for 2019 below!

Two Year Break

Hello Two Year Break. Thanks for taking time to answer a few questions for Distrolution, it’s much appreciated. For those who are not familiar with your band, could you please introduce yourselves, as well as your roles in the band?

Hello world! We are Two Year Break, a pop punk / alternative band from London suburbia!

The members of the band are as follows:

Brad Howard – Lead Vocalist & Poster Boy
Charlie Barnard – Guitarist, Backing Vocals & Wannabe Frontman
Tony Scibetta – Guitarist & Best Guitarist in the band
Dan Wright – Bassist, Backing Vocalist & Hipster
George Lilley – Drummer & Silent Leader of the band.

What’s the story behind the name “Two Year Break”?

There’s literally nothing spectacular to how we came up with the name… Charlie, George and Dan played in bands together for years, took a two year break and came back, the name stuck! I think it’s safe to say we would all love a Two Year Break 😉

You guys have recently revealed your music video for your single “Change My Mind”. How was the shooting experience?

It indeed was the first time any of us had ever shot a music video so we weren’t too sure what to expect. We had plenty of meetings with Director & Videographer’s James Langley & Sam Kay before hand so we built up a good working relationship. And did a lot of work up front which saved us time on the filming days.

We also had a lot of our friends play extras in the video. As well as the fantastic Natalie Simmons who played as our lead actor, portraying Brad’s nutty girlfriend!

For anyone who’s seen it you’ll understand, being tied up for hours upon end in a dirty garage is not the ideal way to spend your day!

Focusing on this song, what’s its main subject?

The song is about not being fully happy and committed to a temporary relationship. In both verses we wanted to take a very direct and blunt approach about how the relationship wasn’t going to work. We wrote the lyrics in a conversational style to really capture this.

Being in this situation can be some what difficult. And sometimes, it would seem the easier option would be to accept things the way they are. The middle 8 amplifies this moment of “weakness” by switching from the original pragmatic approach to the relationship to a more irrational one. With an underlying feature that this is not what you actually want.

Although this is an emotional subject, the writing style of the song intends to soften this feeling and deprive the listener from feeling guilt over this situation, which we hope we have achieved!

How would you describe your writing process for this track?

The writing process was a first for us as a five piece. Charlie being the original lead singer was used to showing the rest of the band ideas and they would develop them in the studio together. However, with Brad now operating as the new singer, there was a lot of going back and forth between them which resulted in verses written by Brad to compliment Charlie’s original chorus idea.

The band then came together and expertly added all the craft and flavour that make the song what it is today!

Any tour / live dates in the pipeline for the rest of the year or 2019?

We played 5 shows in total this year focussing more on getting our online presence up. Which I think will be more of the same next year. We are currently booked in to play at a Camden Rocks Presents gig at The Monarch supporting The Kut. Alongside some other fantastic artists.

After that, who knows? We will most likely organise a lot of our own shows. We enjoyed the recent experience of putting on our own sold out headline show at The Roadtrip & Workshop in Old Street, in celebration of our Change My Mind Release!

Further to that, a few festivals in the summer perhaps…?

How is 2019 looking for your band? Can we indeed expect new releases anytime soon?

We have big plans for next year with the main attraction being the release of our new EP which we are currently writing and recording. That, alongside many new videos and countless number of creative social media content. So we hope this all keeps many people engaged!

Thanks for your time!

Thank you for interviewing us 🙂

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