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What We Lost have dropped the video for brand new song “Enough”!

Post hardcore Italian band What We Lost have dropped the video for brand new song “Enough”. The band has also revealed details of their upcoming EP “Pretend To Sleep”, which will be released on February 7th.

The entire EP refers to a recent period of my life, when I had to leave my hometown for work, and was left by my ex-girlfriend around the same time,” shares frontman Simone GaleottiI felt like my whole world was crumbling. The lyrics glide through the different phases of this period: solitude, anger, regret and love.

On the lyrics of “Enough”, Simone elaborates: “It is about the end of a relationship, the one I mentioned earlier. It was actually the first time I truly felt anxiety. I’ve always suffered from anxiety, but I never realized what it really was before that moment. Sometimes, during the day, I would find myself holding my breath trying to fight the pain. It goes without saying that was completely useless.

It was, in some ways, some sort of tic I developed over the past few years. Doing this so often made my lungs and stomach muscles numb from the continuous contractions. During this period, the person who left me wasn’t helpful at all. It was like she was completely indifferent. It felt extremely selfish and maybe, that was the thing that after all those years hurt me the most.

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