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Youth Fountain – Youth Foutain (EP)

If these guys look familiar, that’s because you probably knew them before under the name of Bedroom Talk. Now, Youth Fountain is a new start for the band. New stage name, new logo, and most importantly, a beautiful signing with Pure Noise Records! And it’s well deserved!

Youth Fountain

The guys have recently unveiled their self-titled EP and what a release! I’m really happy that the guys decided to keep some of their previous tracks, such as “Worried”, as this is definitely my favorite song on this EP.

What I like most is the fact that we have two singers. The two voices mix with absolute perfection. The screaming parts and the quieter parts bring a real plus to each track. And some songs, like “Worried” and “Grinding Teeth”, even gave me chills! I think that when a band can give such emotions to someone, it is rather rewarding, right?

I’ve been a huge fan of this band since the very beginning and I think that these guys are really going to go far. Well done, Cody and Tyler!

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