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Do you run an independent label and seek to maximize your artists' impact? Distrolution is your solution. Provide a global showcase for your artists and simplify the sale of their records and merch. With our platform, reach international audiences and significantly develop your brand.


Global reach

Extend your influence. Distrolution opens doors to an international audience for your artists.

Control and flexibility

Manage your catalog, set your prices, and adapt your strategy for each artist. Our platform offers the flexibility your label needs to succeed.

Support and ease

We make the sales process transparent and simple. From uploading albums to tracking sales, our team is there to support you.

Testimonial from Greg Legarand, founder of Distrolution

Having collaborated with numerous DIY labels worldwide, I understand the challenges you face. Distrolution was born from this experience and my desire to provide a platform that truly supports independent labels, helping them promote their artists and generate revenue through merchandising. At Distrolution, we are dedicated to giving labels the tools and opportunities to succeed.

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